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Duke Nukem

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Items marked with an asterisk (*) are customizations only implimented in my mods, NOT in the regular game. These modifications are not made, supported, or endorsed by 3D Realms.
Misc. Items
Nuke Button
Nuke Button:
Push SPACE on the Nuke Button to arm the area's self-destruct and end the level. In some of my mods, I've made a “fake” Nuke Button that allows you to end the episode without having to kill a boss.
Exploding Barrels
Exploding Barrels:
I've made these things a little tougher, and added the random chance of a stray shot igniting them a little early.
C-9 Ooze Canister
C-9 and Ooze Canisters:
Be careful when shooting these; they usually set off chain-reactions.
This is giant box of Cracker Jacks! Just make it go boom!
*The blimp had a bug that caused it so that it couldn't be destroyed again after respawning (wasn't hitscanned). Now you can destroy it again and again! Plus, it drops a few extra goodies now.
Random Power-up
*Random Power-Up:
Demo Camera
Demo Camera:
Action-tracking demo cameras make recording demos a lot of fun.
Security Camera Security Monitor
Security Camera / Monitor:
Keep a tab on your enemies with the security monitor.
Bust these things and take a look behind them. You'll usually find hidden paths and items.
If you see a weak spot in a wall, blow it up for a shortcut.
Trash Can
Trash Can:
These things always get a little bent out of shape when shot. *Now I've fixed it so that bullets tend to richochet off of them.
Some of these contain goodies. Be careful though, sometimes monsters like to hide in trashcans.
Alien Blood
Alien Blood:
Watch out for the alien's acidic blood if you're not wearing boots.
The Chicks
The Chicks:
*In my mods, the chicks are a little tired of Duke's sexism. Pester them too much and they just might pull out a gun and shoot you!
Push SPACE to make the cannon fire more. If you want to redirect the cannon, just give it a good kick...and it'll face you!
Floor Flame
Floor Flame:
This is just like the floor flames from Rise of The Triad, except it doesn't wander. It was never actually implimented in the regular game.

| Duke Nukem 3D Add-ons |
| Inventory Items | Health Items | Weapons / Ammo | Enemies | Misc. Items |

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