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Lo Wang meets Sailor Moon
Production Notes

Originally, I only had the cabin scene where Sailor Moon's sitting on the bed and Lo Wang walks in. To animate this, I played the 18th level of Shadow Warrior and got screen captures of Sailor Moon doing her animations. I then imported the three images into EDITART and simply pasted a double-sized graphic of Lo Wang bouncing into the room.
Before I thought to make an AVI version, this was used as the ending cinema of the third episode of Lo Wang 3D. In that version, the sounds didn't play until the movie got to the last frame, so the entire conversion was carried out without Lo Wang ever jumping excitedly.
This was about the time that I discovered the Personal AVI Editor and had been experimenting by turning the Duke Nukem 3D cinemas into AVIs. I converted “Lo Wang meets Sailor Moon” into an AVI and added the jumping Lo Wang, and it was done.
Two years later in 2001, I finally registered the Personal AVI Editor and started making movies again. And now that I was registered, I could recompile the older movies without a shareware message being stamped on the screen. So I recompiled “Lo Wang meets Sailor Moon,” but thought it needed more content. People needed to see that it was indeed on a boat.
To shoot the boat exterior, I edited the 18th level of Shadow Warrior and removed all the buildings, walls, monsters, etc. I made the sea as large as the editor would allow, and built a wall for my “camera track” to stand on.
I then loaded the level into the game, got on the wall, faced North, then took a screenshot every few steps while strafing to the west, thus simulating the effect of a boat floating by. This became my opening and closing footage, and I added wind and a boat horn.
Oh yeah, I was going to have Lo Wang give a final comment on his rejection then storm off screen. I wanted to use his “shiseishi” that he says when the player does nothing, but I decided to look it up in my Japanese dictionary and came up with something like “standing death.” That wasn't going to work so I looked through Wang's sound files a couple of times and finally settled on having him declare his hunger before going off to satisfy it.
Now the movie needed to be credited. I used the animations from Shadow Warrior's bonus screen and thought it would be cool if Lo Wang smashed some stuff, so I had him smash the credits.
To create the words, I converted one of game fonts into GIFs and used HTML to arrange the letters. I captured the screens of the web pages and pasted them into LView. I converted the word graphics to Shadow Warrior's 8-bit palette and made simple pal-swaps for different colored text.
I did all the word animations on a plain background first, then pasted them over the Dojo scene when they were finished. It took a freakin' long time to spin those words and plot their paths.
I credited the voice of Sailor Moon to two people because I'm not sure which one did it; the game credits just say “Lani Manella and Rose Schuler as the Anime Girls.”
Maybe now I'll go back and add Monty Python-type mouth movements.

24. July 2002 - Update
I went back and fixed the images of the battleship where the tiny antena disappears. I also remixed the soundtrack. It's now in stereo, which is utilized by only two sound effects: The fly and the door. Oh, and Lo Wang's song fades in from the left. I also replaced the end music with the CD audio version.

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