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Yo Shocking!
Production Notes

If some cool stunt or crash occurs while I'm playing Carmageddon, I'll watch the replay and see if it's worth capturing. (It sucks that you CANNOT save replays.) I've been collecting miscellaneous clips since the end of May, and the plan was to just put them to any cool music once I had amassed enough footage (that wasn't already used for Max or Annie's videos).
I did some test runs with the clips by compiling them with music from other projects that were currently on my harddrive. I mostly used Bobby Prince's At Doom's Gate, which went together really well, but I'm reserving that for a future project. (It'll be part of a parody cartoon that's mostly still just in my head. Hee hee hee!) After I finished She Drives Like Crazy, I started thinking about which music I wanted for my “Carma-Show.” About that time, I got the JuJu Club's debut album. I was listening to it while playing Carmageddon, when 16/20 started playing. Throughout the song, the word “shocking” is used, and hearing it while playing Carmageddon reminded me of the Pedestrian Electro-Bastard Ray power-up.
So I tried 16/20 with the footage, and I decided that it was perfect! (Bytheway, the song is in Korean, which I understand absolutely none of. But for those who do, I appologize if any of the lyrics make for really weird mismatches with the video.)
I had now found the right music, but I still didn't have enough footage. What made the lack even greater, is that I finally discovered that 15fps was the right speed for Carmageddon videos (instead of 12), which also converts well to 29.7fps for VCD. So I did some more driving in search of stunts. I drove the Blue Lightning to get some “shocking” footage, and I also tried to use a broad variety of cars and environments. (I wanted to get Mother Trucker in too, but I never got any footage good enough.)
Stupid camera shot
Fixed image
I didn't “engineer” any of the video, except for a single frame that was messed up. In the first segment, as the Twister zooms in on the Lizard Troop in front of the bridge, the camera was pushing against the wall, and then it suddenly dipped into an alley for one frame. This looked really crappy, so I did a lot of cut & pasting to fix it. It's still not perfect, but now the amount of jumpiness is negligible and you see one continuous zoom.
I did however drive a lot of cheat cars, and I used the cheat mode to get an opponent's perspective in some of the segments.  Bläh!
I thought about inserting the icons to power-ups that were being used, but I opted against that screen clutter. See if you can guess which power-ups are used in each segment. (Hint: Ed Hunter picks up the two power-ups right at the beginning of his segment that make it so cool.)
There are a few scenes that might look like they should have been edited out, like when the camera angle changes to a different view for half a second, but I had to leave them in for spacing because some of the audio-video cues that were just too good to disrupt. Click here for the JuJu Club's album
At the end of the video I credited the JuJu Club with a plug that sort of screams “buy me!” I was just trying out an idea I had for spotlighting albums that get used in my upcoming (but not for a long while) cartoon, with a 5-10 second display of each at the end of the video. I decided to keep it in this video because the JuJu Club is such an awesome band that I'll bet most Americans will never hear of. Check it out at No, that's Ju Dain!  The monkey's on the right!
Here's a link to the JuJu Club's reportedly official website, but I haven't been able to gain access. I'm guessing you have use a Korean ISP to be allowed access.

19. January 2003:  I just saw the JuJu Club's real music video for 16/20 yesterday. It had some *shocking* imagery such as a dancing monkey and a Korean Kylie Minogue wanna-be. My video's better.

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