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Anna Magdalena

Title Information:
Chinese: 安娜瑪德蓮娜
Mandarin: an na ma de lian na
Cantonese: on no ma dak lin no
Alternate: Kissing You
DVD Information:
Genre: Drama, Romance
Video: • Widescreen
• 720x480 pixel resolution
• ALL Region NTSC
• 98 Minutes
• Color
• DVD-5
• 1998 Production
• Rated IIA for adult situations
Audio: • Cantonese 5.1 Surround
• Mandarin 5.1 Surround
Subtitle: • Chinese (Traditional)
• English
• Chinese (Simplified)
Interface: • Unanimated menus
• 8-Point chapter division
• Chinese / English bilingual menus
Released: 1998 (Hong Kong)
Publisher: Universe Laser & Video
Packaging: Keepcase
List Price: US$13.99
I Paid: US$10
Video Cover

Special Features:
• Talent Bios:  Aaron Kwok, Kaneshiro Takashi, Kelly Chen, Hai Chung Man, Claudia Chung
• Trailor
• More Attractions

Starring:  Aaron Kwok, Kaneshiro Takeshi, and Kelly Chen
Director:  Hai Chung Man
Producer:  Claudia Chung Chun
Original Description: (inlcuding original typos)
A truly romantic tale about three young people who starts out as adversaries and blossoms into something else.  Our story begins when a gorgeous female (KELLY CHEN) moves into the building and heartthrob AARON KWOK and TAKESHI KANESHIRO (aka Chien Cheng Wu) fall in love with their new neighbor.  As usual, the womanizer, Aaron wins the young girl's heart and all symphathy reaches out to Takeshi.  Will Takeshi fight to win Kelly's heart or will he remain true to his friend?
A Better Description:
Chan Kar-Fu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) is a lonely piano tuner, who one day makes a house call to fix a piano while its owner has a lovers' quarrel with her boyfriend, Yau Muk-Yan (Aaron Kwok), who wants to leave her.  After Kar-Fu's work is done, Muk-Yan follows him home and becomes an unwelcomed house guest.
Meanwhile, Mok Man-Yee (Kelly Chen) moves in upstairs and brings her out-of-tune piano with her.  Kar-Fu enjoys listening to her practice, but Muk-Yan hates it because the noise prevents him from sleeping in 'til noon.  Muk-Yan and Man-Yee are at each other's throats from the start, and Kar-Fu tries to be the peacemaker.  However, before Kar-Fu works up the courage to ask Man-Yee out, Muk-Yan changes his attitude towards Man-Yee and puts his moves on her.
The three become good friends, but Kar-Fu is still in love with Man-Yee, and it's not clear if Kar-Fu will change his womanizing ways...
At one point in the film, the plot takes a weird turn as a story that Takeshi's character wrote is acted out by Takeshi and Kelly.  It seemed really weird that they threw that bit in like that, but it was actually really good, and I enjoyed the entire film.

My Score:  8/10
Yau Muk-Yan follows Chan Kar-Fu home  Yau Muk-Yan trying to annoy Mok Man-Yee  “Stop filling your head with this junk”  An unwelcomed houseguest  “X” and ”0”

Where to buy Anna Magdalena:
DVD: Hong Kong Edition
Korean Edition
Hong Kong Edition
Japanese Edition
VCD:   Hong Kong Edition
Korean Edition

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