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Attack the Gas Station!

Hong Kong Edition

Title Information:
Korean: 주유소 습격사건
Romanization: ju-yu-so seup-kyeok sa-keon
Translation: Gas Station Raiding Event
Chinese: 加油。反斗。4條友!
Mandarin: jia you. fan dou. si tiao you!
Cantonese: ga yau. faan dau. sei tiu yau!
Translation: Refuel. Fight Back. 4 Friends!
DVD Information:
Genre: Dark Humor, Drama
Video: • Full-Frame only  =(
• 720x480 resolution
• ALL Region NTSC
• 112 Minutes
• Color
• 1999 Production
• Rated IIB for violence (plus extra profanity in English subtitles)
Audio: • Korean 2.1 Dolby Digital
Subtitle: • Traditional Chinese
• Simplified Chinese
• English
Interface: • Unanimated menus
• 9-point chapter division
• Chinese / English bilingual menus
Released: 9. April 2001
Publisher: Mei Ah Laser Disc Co., Ltd.
Packaging: Keepcase
List Price: US$12.99
I Paid: US$10
Video Cover

Special Features:
• Databank:  Synopsis and Cast & Crew

Starring:  Lee Seong-Jae, Yu O-Sung, Kang Sung-Jin, Yu Gee-Tae
Director:  Kim Sang-Jin
Editor:  Go Im-Pyo
Original Description:
A quartet of disaffected Korean youths decides to rob a gas station. When they find out there is not as much money as they expected, they take over the gas station with the staff held hostage. Their wacky antics ensue kidnapping customers that complain about the service and staging fist-fights between street gangsters...
(My Korean romanization/translation of the title may be slightly inaccurate.)
This movie started up looking like it was going to be cool until they started smashing things. It had potential, but some of the violence was too extreme; it's kind of hard to laugh at seeing people get the crap severly beaten out of them (even if they are bullies), unless you're a sadistic jerk.
But what really killed it for me was the fowl language of the English subtitles. In just about every other line the F-bomb was dropped. (Reportedly, the profanity isn't as bad in the original language; it must have been translated by an idiot.)
Attack the Gas Station! was funnier the second time I watched it (so this review is more forgiving than my original), but again, the subtitles bothered me too much. This was my first taste of Korean cinema, and because of the poor presentation, it left a very bad impression on me. Thankfully there are great Korean movies that aren't ruined by exaggerated potty-mouthed translations, and I'm glad that I gave Korean cinema a second chance. (Blame YesAsia for their "buy 3 Korean-version movies get one free" sales.)
Appearantly a U.S. edition of Attack the Gas Station! has been released. Maybe they've cleaned up the language in that version, so perhaps you should check that one out if you don't understand Korean. But rent before you buy, because everybody's asking $20-30 for it.

My Score:  5/10
We love our gas-pumping jobs!  Take all the money!  Just stop smashing the gas station!  I'm bored...let's go rob the gas station again  Hey, we can make money pumping gas...  Bulldog shows the attendants who's boss  Making the bullies sing  The final showdown...between gangsters and delivery boys?

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