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Noriko White Girl Story + Promo Maxx 1
- DVD -

  • Full-Frame
  • ALL Region NTSC
  • 58 Minutes + 55 Minutes
    of music videos
  • 1990 Production
  • Not rated
  • Japanese Stereo
  • None
Video Cover
    Special Features:
  • 10 Music Videos
  • “Special Features” (more music videos)

Starring: Noriko Sakai

Play list:
Main feature:
1.-10. White Girl Story  [58:02]

Music Videos:
11. Norenai Teenage  [4:01]
12. Guanbare  [3:57]
13. Okuno sumairu - Please your Smile  [4:00]
14. Happy Again  [3:56]
15. Otogino kokuno Birthday  [3:56]
16. Love Letter  [4:64]
17. sayonara o sugite  [4:56]
18. All Right  [5:28]
19. Daiyamosodo * buru ichi  [4:04]
20. hohoemi o mitsuketa  [4:42]
21. Special Features  [11:00]

“White Girl Story” is a “Prince & the Pauper”-type tale. Japanese superstar Noriko Sakai flies to Las Angeles, California to shoot a music video. While there, she also wants to go out and have some fun, but her agent scolds her because she doesn't have time for that. She sneaks out anyway and explores the city. In the evening, she runs into a Japanese immigrant who looks exactly like her and is *coincidentally* also named “Noriko.” They switch places, and nobody notices.
Immigrant-Noriko finds that being a celebrity isn't as easy as it looks, and is camera shy when they start to film. Superstar-Noriko can't speak a lick of English, and she runs into a few problems after a neighbor drops off a couple of non-Japanese-speaking kids to be babysat.
The plot was weak and predictable, but the movie's redeeming quality is that it can be used as a Japanese-learning tool. There are no English subtitles, but the actions and occasional English dialogue make it easy to follow what's going on--even my six-year old nephew sat still and watched the whole thing with me.
“White Girl Story” was filmed on professional camcorder, and they spelled the title correctly in the film, despite the packaging being labeled as “White Gril Story.” Rest assured, this film has nothing to do with grilling. (And despite the cover, neither is it a porno.)
Now the music videos:  These were made in the 80's/early 90's, so they're really cheesey, complete with “groovy” special effects that are “far out.” But I love Norki's music, which is why I bought this DVD.
The annoying thing about the music video portion of this DVD is you can't search forward/backward (with a convensional DVD player), and should you happen to press STOP instead of PAUSE, the music video will “resume” from the beginning of the track.
“Special Features” is a video of Noriko goofing around in the city, with a few music videos mixed in.

My Score: 6/10

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