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Rush Hour 2

(Mainland China Edition)

Title Information:
Chinese: 尖峰时刻 2
Mandarin: jian feng shi ke er
Cantonese: jim fung si haak yi
Translation: Peak Moment 2
DVD Information:
Genre: Action, Comedy
Video: • Widescreen (Letter Box)
• Region 6 NTSC
• 90 Minutes
• Color
• DVD-5
• 2001 Production
• Not Rated (in China); violence, mild language
Audio: • Mandarin 5.1
• English 5.1
• Mandarin DTS
Subtitle: • Chinese
Interface: • Unanimated Menus
• 8-point chapter division
• Chinese Menus
Released: 2003 (Mainland China)
Publisher: Universe Laser & Video Co., Ltd.
Packaging: Keepcase
List Price: US$12.99
I Paid: US$7.99
Video Cover

Special Features:
• Talent Bios (Chinese and English):  Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker
• Non-removable English subtitles are displayed during orginally non-English dialog
• Outtakes at end of film also dubbed in Mandarin

Starring:  Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker
Original Description:
LAPD detective Carter comes to Hong Kong for a vaction accompanied by Hong Kong Police Lee. But they soon are confronted with the biggest case of their careers--a bomb has exploded in the American Embassy. They suspect that the chief architect behind the blast is a triad head and his beautiful and deadly henchwoman who are in charge of a counterfeit money smuggling ring.
The sound and picture are great (although I haven't yet had a chance to try out the DTS audio).
I found it amusing that the stars' files has over ten pages about Jackie Chan, but for Chris Tucker, there's barely a page of information.
This DVD is indead Region 6, encoded for Mainland China, dispite YesAsia's webpage which states “All Region.”

My Score:  10/10
Where to buy Rush Hour 2: YesAsia
United States Edition Mainland China Edition Hong Kong Edition Korean Edition
US China HK Korean

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