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Duke Nukem: Atomic Heretic
-- Screen Shots --

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Atomic Heretic Menu Exploding Eggs
Duke Nukem: Atomic Heretic has big explosions!

The Docks revisited The Cathedral
Classical levels have been revitalized and enhanced.

Mini-Bosses 2 and 3! Some Alien Troopers are reoutfitted with cloaking devices
Mini versions of the bosses, and other enhanced enemies, such as a cloaked
trooper that can shoot you with a variety of weapons, including the shrink ray!

Put those pigs six feet ander Ghost Enforcers will surroand you before you realise it
Graveyards are filled with “ghost” versions of Pigs and Enforcers

Pigs armed with Expander Shotguns! More sizzlin' bacon
Grey Pigs will sizzle your bacon if you don't toast them first!

Hell's Maw Now you can end the Episode by the press of a button
If you're fast enough to evade three Battlelords you
can end the Episode by the press of a Nuke button.

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