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Asian Charlie's Angels - VCD

Title Information:
Chinese: 神探俏嬌娃 (亞洲魅力版)
Mandarin: shen tan qiao jia wa (ya zhou mei li ban)
Cantonese: san taam chiu giu wa (a jau mei lik baan)
Translation: Supernatural Detective Dames (Asian Charm Edition)
VCD Information:
Genre: Action, Drama
Video: Original Full-Frame
352x240 pixel resolution
90 Minutes
2001 Production
2 Disks
Not Rated; violence
Audio: Mandarin Stereo
Subtitle: Non removable
Interface: No Menus
Single Chapter
Episodes: 前篇 · Part 1
後篇 · Part 2
Released: 2001 (Hong Kong)
Publisher: Era Home Entertainment Ltd
Packaging: 2 CD Jewelcases
List Price: ?
I Paid: US$11.25 + 1.40 S&H
Video Cover Part 2

Starring:  Annie Wu Chen Jun, Christy Chung, Kelly Lin Xi Lei
Special Guest Star:  Cheng Jut Si
Director:  Mak Dong Kit
Original Description:
Charlie's Angels are back... this time with a decidedly sloe-eyed, Asian mystique. Starring Christy Chung, Kelly Lin and Annie Wu, who have a distinctly Oriental flavor, but the action is as modern and upbeat as the original one. With martial arts, tech skills and sex appeal, their mission is to track down a wily and brilliantly evil serial killer who preys on rich, young Asian socialites.
In the wake of the popularity of the “Charlie's Angels” remake, Glen Olson and Rod Baker went to Hong Kong to make an all-Asian version. Appearantly this was made for TV, probably as a series pilot, but I doubt it took off. It's not as exciting as the American remake, and the only two martial arts scenes were rather short. It's a bit odd, but it's an okay film.

My Score:  6/10
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