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Production Notes

Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you smash into things--like when you drive your car into a phone booth at 280 mph!
When I realized that I could create screen captures from Carmageddon frame-by-frame, and then make them into an animated video, I started looking for scenarios to “film.” Since I had plugged Bubba Elvis into one of the levels, I was going to make a bunch of redneck documentaries about the dangers of living in the big city, like “the danger of loitering in the parking lot.” (“Hey! Why's that car pushing those parked cars around!”) This one was going to be “the dangers of using public telephones,” but I got the idea to do a mock collect-call commercial instead. (Heh, I remember when “Carrot Top” got discovered on the Gong Show.)
The worst thing about building the soundtrack was manipulating the engine noise to get the speed and distance to sound right. Mixing the other stuff was kind of fun though, like the phone booth flying across the street and crashing off-screen. And the music was just right for this video.
Except for Bubba's snorting and yowching, I provided the voices. People tend to be surprised when I tell them that. All I can say is, I've imitated Redneck Rampage's Leonard too much. (Plus, when I lived in Essen, Germany, some crazy woman wouldn't stop calling my apartment, so I tried to annoy her as “Bob Wahr,” the American with a horrible southern accent. “Gabel? Hat das mit Puten zu tun, da die sagen: 'gobble, gobble, gobble!'”)

25. July 2002 - Update
I finally realized that Interplay is simply the distributer of Redneck Rampage and Carmageddon, and that Xatrix and SCi are not subdivisions of Interplay, but independent developers. I had mistakenly credited Interplay in my videos, so I fixed that when I re-encoded them with DivX.

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