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Monsters, Inc (Chinese Edition) - DVD

  • Widescreen (1.85:1)
  • Region 3 NTSC
  • 96 Minutes
  • 2001 Production
  • Rated I
  • English 5.1 Surround
  • English Dolby Digital
  • Mandarin Dolby Digital
  • Cantonese Dolby Digital
  • English
  • Chinese
Video Cover
    Special Features:
  • “Finding Nemo” Teaser (English dub/Chinese sub)
  • “For the Birds” short film
  • “Mike's New Car” short film (English dub/Chinese sub)
  • Outtakes and Monsters, Inc Company Play (English/Mandarin)
  • Boo's Door Game (Mandarin)
  • Disney Storytime: Welcome to Monstropolis (English Only)
  • Abondoned Concepts (English dub/Chinese sub)

Starring (English): John Goodman, and Billy Crystal.
Starring (Chinese): Kenny Bee Chung, Simon Lui, Rain Lee, and Sammy.

Original Description:
From the Academy Award®-winning creators of Toy Story, comes the hilarious, monster-sized hit that captured the hearts of critics and fans around the world. MONSTERS, INC. opens the door to a world of mischief and mayhem and scares up monster-sized laughs along the way.
Top Scarer Sulley and his enthusiastic Scare Assistant Mike work at MONSTERS, INC., the biggest scream processing plant in Monstropolis, but when one little girl named Boo wanders into their world, it's the monsters who are scared silly. Thinking the child is dangerous and toxic, Sulley and Mike do their best to return Boo to her bedroom, but there are some monstrous hurdles in their way.
With an eclectic cast of characters and a fantastic array of voice talents, MOSNTERS, INC. is a heartwarming and irresistible film. Treat yourself to the most entertaining movie of the year, and you'll find that laughter is truly the most powerful force on earth.
This is a great cartoon! And it's in Chinese too!
Haha, I ask my siblings' kids if they want to watch Monsters in Chinese with me, and they say no, but then they come along while I'm watching and they can't tear themselves away. (Bläh, kids and cartoons...)
I got a little burned though; I deliberately bought the Chinese version because the English visuals were supposed to be translated, too, but they weren't! That's what I get for “skimping” and not buying the 2-disk Collectors Edition. Bläh. Just let me pull those 26 bucks out of my...

My Score: 9/10

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