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Duke Nukem

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Items marked with an asterisk (*) are customizations only implimented in my mods, NOT in the regular game. These modifications are not made, supported, or endorsed by 3D Realms.
Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem: Our Hero
If you're more of a DukeMatch gamer, this will be your number one enemy.
Green Trooper
Assault Trooper / Captain:
The green troopers are the basic infantrymen. The Assault Captains, the orange ones, are twice as tough (but not too noticibly) and are alse equipped with Personal Teleportational Devices (PTD).
Grey Trooper in flight
*Elite Trooper:
These Troopers are tougher and brandish a wider range of weapons.
Cloaked Trooper
*Cloaked Trooper:
In addition to the PTD, the Elite Troopers are also equipped with Personal Cloaking Devices (PCD). However, the PTD and PCD cannot be used simultaneously; a cloaked Trooper will have to decloak before teleporting.
Orange Trooper teleporting
* “Teletroop” and “Cloaktroop”:
These are two new variation actors that allow you to start a Trooper in it's “about to” teleport- or cloak-AI.
Pig Cop
Pig Cop:
The LAPD has been mutated into shotgun-wielding Pigs, now known as the LARD.
Pig Cop, Grey
*Bacon Pig Cop:
These Pig Cop's are out to sizzle Duke's hide, as they are armed with Expander-shotguns. (Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but it's a cool effect!)
Recon Patrol Vehicle
Recon Patrol Vehicle:
These pigs patrol the skys and swoop down on their prey. Unfortunately, the skiffs are equipped with ejection seats.
These Pig Cops roam the streets in armored tanks. If you're swift enough you can set the self-destruct on the back and get out of the blast zone … and hopefully the Pig won't survive the blast.
These critters mainly just get in they way, and have an annoying tendency to bite your bumb at the most inconvienient times.
Protozoid Slimer
Protozoid Slimer:
These annoying little things squiggle all over the place, devouring the dead. Get too close and they'll liplock with you. If you're sly enough, you can use them to your advantage by drawing them toward your enemies.
This is where the slimer hatches from. If you bust it before it can hatch, that's one less slimer you'll have to put up with.
In some of my mods, you might come across an occasional exploding egg, so kicking them isn't always a good idea.
These guys leap around with a ripper chaingun cybernetically attatched to their right arm. Give 'em a scare and they might soil the carpet.
Enforcer Ghost
In my mods I've made it possible to impliment Ghost actors, by setting the spritepal to 3 or 18.
These brainy air bags attack with blasts of mental energy. If they get close to you they might simply bite your face off.
Sentry Drone
Sentry Drone:
These sentry drones are walking, or rather, flying, timebombs. If they get too close they go BOOM!
A reincarnation of the turrets from Duke Nukem II, these automatic laser cannons are temporarily confused when hit.
Organic Turret
Organic Turret:
The Organic Turret was cut from the game, but it's art and dysfunctional code are still in there. This is a popular jib item in user maps.
Assault Commander
Assault Commander:
These big, bloated baddies fly around and shoot “butt missiles.” If they get too close to you they'll spin around and cut you with their edged butts.
Protector Drone
Protector Drone:
These are the Queen's special spawn. They run amok in The Birth, and if they can't get close enough to scratch your eyes out, they spit out shrinkrays.
Normally they're totally immune to the shrinkray, but in my mods they recieve a random amount of damage when hit by one. (There's not much more annoying than a pile-up of protector drones in hole, shooting each other and not dying.)
This is the first boss you come up against. Later on he becomes a regular mini boss.
Lunar Assault Leader
Lunar Assault Leader:
This guy's totally missile-happy, but he's easy to evade in large areas. Because of what Duke does to him, I've given him a special “neck-name.”
Cycloid Emperor
Cycloid Emperor:
This was the head honcho before “Birtha” came along. Now he's just a one-eyed freak…
The Queen
The Queen:
Mother of the new aliens. She pretty much just tromps around dropping spawns, occasionally stopping to jolt the water.
Mini Queen
*Mini Bosses:
I've fixed it so that all 4 bosses can now be used as mini bosses. And they're susceptible to all the special weapon effects (except the Queen still can't be shrunk).

| Duke Nukem 3D Add-ons |
| Inventory Items | Health Items | Weapons / Ammo | Enemies | Misc. Items |

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