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Duke Nukem

| Duke Nukem 3D Add-ons |
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Items marked with an asterisk (*) are customizations only implimented in my mods, NOT in the regular game. These modifications are not made, supported, or endorsed by 3D Realms.
Inventory Items
Portible Medkit
Portible Medkit: First Aid for on-the-run
Containing 100% health, it can be used whenever you're bleeding
Steroids: Speed burst, strength / stamina increase
Steroids make Duke move faster, kick harder, and more resistant to damage. But not only that, they can also restore his size when he's been shrunk. (In v1.3D you could kick with both feet at once; it was always fun to trample my oppents to death while on steroids!) Duration is for less than 15 seconds
Smokebomb with stimulant gas
*Smokebomb: Become the Shadow Warrior
This is only implimented in Lo Wang 3D. It's the steroids with the addition of a smokebomb; when steroids are used, Lo Wang becomes black and 75% invisible!
Holoduke: Holographic decoy
While your opponents fire harmlessly at your decoy you can shoot them from a hiding spot! Sometimes I shoot at my own holoduke though… The holoduke lasts about 1:20.
Jetpack: Flight device
For those hard to reach places. The jetpack has less than a minute of fuel, so sometimes you forget that you're on low when flying high. Conserve jetpack fuel by letting yourself fall when you want to go down a great distance, then reactivate before hitting the ground.
In my mods, there's a slight chance of your opponent dropping his Jetpack if you kill him in flight.
Night Vision Goggles
Night Vision Goggles: Heat sensors
Put these on and anything with a pulse is lit up in day-glo green. Lasts for only 40 seconds.
Air tank
Air tank: For underwater breathing
Duke automatically puts on his scuba gear when swimming. The air tank contains about 3˝ minutes of air.
Protective Boots
Protective Boots: Keep your feet dry and free of rot
These boots automatically protect you from foot hazards (electricity, slime, lava, etc.) but last less than a minute. The more you move the faster they're used up too.
Space Suit
Space Suit: Avoid bodily decompression
This is just an ordinary sprite now, but it was an inventory item that got taken out at the last minute. But even though the space suit is long gone, the environmental effects that were designed for it are still there. That's why those pesky space-sky textures tend to make Duke explode if the sector palette hasn't been changed (non-zero).
If you want to play around with the space suit (like I did once) you can recompile the shareware v1.1 DUKE3D.GRP so that it includes the registered art and maps. Do this and you can also pickup registered weapons, but they don't work of course ;-) Use the episode parameter ( /V2 ) to start on episode 2.
Blue Key Card
Yellow Key CardRed Key Card
Key Cards: For gaining access to locked areas
These are found in 3 different colors: Blue, Red, and Yellow. (Trying to implement other colors on user maps doesn't work.)
Armor: Reduces damage taken
Sometimes Pigs will drop armor when they die
Leather Armor
*Leather Armor: +50 armor
This is used pretty much just for levels converted from games that had two classes of armor.
Armor Bonus
*Bonus Armor: +1-5 armor
Dead baddies might drop this on occasion

| Duke Nukem 3D Add-ons |
| Inventory Items | Health Items | Weapons / Ammo | Enemies | Misc. Items |

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