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Duke Nukem

| Duke Nukem 3D Add-ons |
| Inventory Items | Health Items | Weapons / Ammo | Enemies | Misc. Items |

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are customizations only implimented in my mods, NOT in the regular game. These modifications are not made, supported, or endorsed by 3D Realms.
Weapons / Ammo
The Might Foot
The Mighty Foot: It's time to kick some ass!
Power-up on steroids and Duke kicks even harder. The alternate kick is also a great tactic for extra offense when someone gets in your face, or if you're just busy reloading!
The mighty foot can also be used to activate (all) switches.
Handgun: +48 ammo
This is Duke's starting gun. It shoots at a moderate rate, but has to be reloaded after every 12 shots.
Max capacity: 200 rounds.
Ammo Clip
Ammo Clip: +12 ammo
Shotgun: +10 ammo
The shotgun has always been my all-around favorite weapon. It reloads slowly but packs a powerful punch!
Max capacity: 50 rounds.
Case of Shotgun Rounds
Case of Shotgun Rounds: +10 ammo
Shotgun Rounds
*Shotgun Rounds: +3 ammo
Chaingun: +50 ammo
Shoots fast, but has loose aim and chews up ammo.
Max capacity: 200 rounds.
Chaingun Ammo
Chaingun Ammo: +50 ammo
Short chain of ammo
*Short Chain of Ammo: +10 ammo
RPG Launcher
Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher: +5 ammo
The RPG fires slowly but is great for clearing rooms. If you're the recipient of an RPG, you can survive a direct hit if you're up around 200 health with full armor. With numbers like that, a fun insult is to run up to someone's face and hit them at point blank!
Max capacity: 50 rockets.
RPG Ammo
RPGs: +5 ammo
RPG Rocket
*RPG Rocket: +1 ammo
Pipebomb: +1 ammo
This is awesome for setting traps that can be detonated by remote. One problem though, is if you wait too long to blow your trap your intended victom can pick up your bombs and disarm them.
Max capacity: 50 bombs.
Pipebomb Ammo
Pipebomb Ammo: +5 ammo
Shrinker: +10 ammo
Shrink your enemies and step on them! Or use steroids if you're the one to get shrunk.
The shrinker has no effect on regular Bosses, other than to make them bleed a little (shrinker does 0 damage). Mini bosses (except for the Queen) can be shrunk, but you have to hit them just right. I've found that crouching when you fire increases your chances of that. I don't know why--it just does.
Max capacity: 50 crystals.
Crystal Ammo
Crystal Ammo: +5 ammo
*Expander: +20 ammo
Strap on a little microwave dish and the Shrinker's properties are reversed! Sizzle somebody with this and they'll expand until their head pops!
Ordinarily, the Expander only comes with the Shrinker, but in my mods I've made it also an individually collectible weapon.
Max capacity: 50 units.
Expander Ammo
Expander Ammo: +20 ammo
Expander Crystal Ammo
*Expander Crystal Ammo: +5 ammo
These crystals are already repolarized and ready for the expander!
Devistator: +15 ammo
Send out a swarm of super-fast mini missiles! This is more suited for close combat than the RPG, but it's still easy to get caught in the blast radius.
Max capacity: 99 rockets
Devistator Ammo
Devistator Ammo: +15 ammo
Devistator Rockets
*Devistator Rockets: +4 ammo
Notice the red ring, which distinguishes Devistator rockets from blue-ringed RPG rockets.
Laser Tripbomb: +1 ammo
Attatch to a wall, around a corner, in a hole, or behind a maskwall, and wait for an unwitting victom to run into the triplaser.
I've got the tripbomblasermode set to transluscence, but the sucky thing about that is it's just 50% transparent, not 75%.
Max capacity: 10 bombs.
Tripbomb Kit
*Tripbomb Kit: +1 ammo
Extra parts for building Tripbombs! This was originally created for my Random Respawn Pack, but if memory serves right, it's also implimented in the Multi-Player Packs as salvagable Drone scraps. Due to the “code limit,” this isn't imlimented in most of my mods. All sorts of weird crap starts to happen when your code gets up around 800K >:(
Freezethrower: +25 ammo
Nice for putting baddies on ice. Bust a frozen Dukie and he'll drop an Atomic Health. (The “thrower” bit comes from the fact that 3D Realms originally intended for it to be a flamethrower.)
Max capacity: 99 cells
Freeze Ammo
Freeze Ammo: +25 ammo

| Duke Nukem 3D Add-ons |
| Inventory Items | Health Items | Weapons / Ammo | Enemies | Misc. Items |

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