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Duke Nukem

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Items marked with an asterisk (*) are customizations only implimented in my mods, NOT in the regular game. These modifications are not made, supported, or endorsed by 3D Realms.
Health Items
Small Medkit Cola
Small Medkit / *Cola: +10 Health
The medkit on the far left is what most people are accustomed to, but in some of my mods I have it replaced with Cola, which was the original graphic in Lame Duke.
If you're wondering why the cola shrinks from a huge size when you first see it, here's why: The replacement graphic is bigger then the original, so logically I should use the sizeat command to make it smaller. The problem with that, is that non-useractors don't go through their code until they first see Duke, so the cola would suddenly resize before your eyes. I decided that seeing it shrink rapidly was much better then seeing it instantly resize. (I could have just resized the graphic itself, but I didn't want to lose any graphic detail.)
Large Medkit Sixpack of Cola
Large Medkit / *Sixpack: +30 Health
Again, the medkit on the far left is the norm, but in some cases I've replaced it with the sixpack from Lame Duke. Drink too much and Duke might get a little belchy.
The sixpack has the same resizing effect as the cola.
Atomic Health
Atomic Health: +50 Health boost, up to 200
Frozen Dukes spawn Atomic Health when shattered!
Health Bonus
*Health Bonus: +1-5 Health boost, up to 200
Usually just monsters drop this, but if Duke dies on steroids, his rapidly beating heart just might burst out of his chest, which you can collect for a +25 health boost!
*Poison: Minus 1-15 Health
This was created solely for the Random Respawn Pack. It helps to balance out the health power-ups.

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| Inventory Items | Health Items | Weapons / Ammo | Enemies | Misc. Items |

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